IN THEIR OWN WORDS CSP Schools 2009 Evaluation Comments

Summer 2009 | | November 19, 2009 at 12:45 pm

Survey responses from fourteen schools who participated in theContinuing Sustainability Project are featured. More of the 2009Evaluation Survey data is available on the GEAR UP website:

How have you connected the GEAR UP Leadership Team with school-wide improvement efforts?

Happy Valley Elementary School, Anderson

Weuse the GEAR UP Leadership Team meetings as part of our collaborationtime.  Our Leadership Team ensures that we continue to support acollege-going culture.

Live Oak Middle School, Tulare

TheGEAR UP Leadership Team is connected to our school-wide improvementefforts by meeting once a month to discuss our efforts and theirprogress.  Topics include promoting a college-going culture, parent andcommunity involvement, promoting a rigorous curriculum and ways toimprove the programs and strategies we already have in place.

Martin Luther King Academy, Sausalito

TheGEAR UP Leadership Team is the key team to create and implement acollege going culture through parent meetings, college visits,note-taking and organization procedures school-wide, a collectiveeffort to support student achievement and expose students to futureopportunities. The team is representative of our staff, parents andcommunity organizations.

Pachecho Middle School, Redding

Ourleadership team has been focused on improving communication with staff,parents and students.  We have continued to improve our communicationefforts with the parents and students and also have weeklycollaboration meetings as a staff.  With a new administrator on ourteam and on our campus, we have had many changes and have reallyfocused this year on desegregating data to the teachers so that theymay use it to improve student performance.  

How have you used the CSP workshops to help sustain a college-going culture?

Desert Willow Intermediate, Palmdale

Duringthe CSP workshops, we have had the opportunity to work together withour Desert Willow staff.  Additionally, the CSP workshops afforded usthe opportunity to work with similar schools within and outside of ourschool district.  During these sessions, we sought new ways toimplement strategies and share ideas.  The CSP workshops alwaysrequired us to settle on a particular set of goals.  Therefore, we wereable to move forward once we went back to the school site.  Also, theCSP workshops provided additional staff development opportunities,while we were there (and materials for us to take back to our staffs).

Maywood Intermediate School, Corning

Weuse the workshops to have discussions about what has been successfuland what areas are weak.  We used some of the time to focus on planningactivities and way of communicating that would enhance thecollege-going culture on campus.   We also used the workshop to talk toother districts about events and activities we could incorporate thathave been well received.  Overall it was very beneficial to our schoolsite.

Monterey Highlands Elementary School, Monterey Park

TheGEAR UP Leadership team shares information they obtain from the CSPworkshops with the entire staff. The team also generates a list ofresources: MDTP, Taking Center Stage, California website,etc. to help sustain a college-going culture.

Pacoima Middle School, Pacoima

TheCSP workshops provide time for reflection, networking and assist uswith economy of time and efforts so that we keep it simple,implementing easy, economical and engaging activities to create acollege-going culture.  Examples are college door decorating contests,college t-shirt Wednesdays, College Corner resources and “College:Making it Happen” video check out with a lesson plan prepared by ourcounselor.  Counselors schedule College Awareness grade level parentmeetings throughout the year.

How have youused on-site Facilitation Services to help sustain a college-goingculture?  Did you use the SSAR and /or Perceptions of Attitudes RCCwith your staff?

Live Oak Middle School, Tulare

Oneof the ways we have used the on-site facilitation services is to helpfacilitate the idea of creating an individualized educational plan forevery student here at Live Oak. It is a large task and we are using theservices to help us get ideas about ways to accomplish this in thefuture.

Shadow Hills Intermediate School, Palmdale

Thefacilitation services have been used to assist in the completion of thecommunication plan and the implementation of the College: Making ItHappen curriculum in the Social Studies classrooms.  In the future, wehope to have help with the planning and coordination of a College Weekand AVID parent night.

How have you used AVID workshops & services to help sustain a college-going culture?

Pacoima Middle School, Pacoima

Throughthe support of CA GEAR UP we were able to send 11 teachers and staff tothe 2008 AVID Summer Institute.  AVID is one of the professionaldevelopment strands set up as an in-depth study of the methodology by asmall group of teachers over the course of the semester.  These PDstrands include Differentiated Instruction, AVID, Critical ThinkingCurriculum, Technology-Assisted Instruction, Classroom Management(CMCD), and New Teacher Resources.  Results of an AVID survey indicatethat at least 35 teachers are using AVID strategies with their classes. A second GEAR UP/AVID Workshop is scheduled to expand theimplementation of AVID strategies school wide.

Winton Middle School, Hayward

Weutilize the best teaching practices presented to us and presented tothe staff.  We have made an effort to implement them school wide.  Thefirst three days of school the entire staff instructed students aboutnote-taking.  The teachers are working toward developing a scope andsequence for every subject that is taught.

White Middle School, Carson

A 7th and 8th Grade Avid team meets monthly to promote AVID strategies and to work for certification.

How have you used the Counseling Institutes to help sustain a college-going culture?

Pachecho Middle School, Redding

Wehave learned about college entrance requirements and little ideas andstrategies that are helpful when students apply to college.  We haveshared these with the students in hopes that they will create a filewith all of their self-promoting accomplishments to use in theirapplications.

Visitacion Valley Middle School, San Francisco

Wepost up the newsletters which often feature staff members attending andpresenting at Counseling Institutes and obtain ideas from other GEAR UPschools, in addition to the presenters bringing valuable resources fromthe Institutes. We use websites featured in the Counseling Institute.

How have you used the College: Making It Happen guide & video to help sustain a college-going culture?

Martin Luther King Academic, San Francisco

Wedistributed the guides at all parent meetings and workshops. Everystudent was also given a copy of the guide. The videos will be used onan on-going basis in the classrooms for college presentations anddiscussions.

Sepulveda Middle School, North Hills

Duringour College Awareness Week, we are using the guides in our homeroomclasses in conjunction with other homeroom and lunch time activities.

Shadow Hills Intermediate School, Palmdale

Allsocial studies teachers present the curriculum in classrooms, and thecounselor also uses the literature to lead classroom discussions.

How have you used the Resources Clearinghouse to help sustain a college-going culture?

Martin Luther King Academic, San Francisco

Wehave used the Resource Clearinghouse to order videos and publications.We have also utilized it to gain information and further professionaldevelopment in sustaining a college-going culture.

White Middle School, Carson

Wehave used the school’s website as a college resource and have createdlinks to the Resources Clearinghouse so that classroom teachers andparents have these resources readily available.

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