Update: California GEAR UP Statewide Dissemination Model

Spring 2006 | | May 21, 2006 at 3:28 pm

The School-Based Model is designed to impact schools through an intensive and long-term process while the Statewide Dissemination Model is intended to expand the program’s reach and promote the college-going culture concept to a much wider audience. California GEAR UP has launched several projects to promote the importance of preparing all students for college:

The Business Network will be a statewide alliance composed of representatives from businesses, foundations, corporations, and community leaders concerned about the importance of all students being prepared for college and the workplace. The Network will support GEAR UP efforts to disseminate the resources, materials, and activities that have proven to be effective in creating a college-going culture. Network participants will serve as lead sponsors of the Public Information Campaign.

In collaboration with respected neighborhood organizations and the faith-based community, the Community-Based Project integrates and disseminates resources, materials and information developed by California GEAR UP. Project activities will include:

  • The development of standards-based curriculum in Language Arts and Mathematics to be used on site by local students in after-school and youth development programs.
  • Locating the GEAR UP “College Corner,” a multi-media activity center, on-site to assist students, families, and educators in navigating the college-going process. Training and instruction will be provided in both neighborhood and faith-based community locations.
  • Providing a family program in conjunction with existing community and faith-based activities to encourage families to be involved in their child’s educational life. Families will use the “College Corner” to develop their technological competencies and awareness of college.

The faculty workgroup will bring together selected faculty from Schools and Colleges of Education throughout the state to dialogue with middle school educators about the knowledge and skills needed to develop a college-going culture. Teacher and counselor education faculty will recommend a plan of action to institutionalize program impact and incorporate the curriculum, strategies, resources, and expectations engendered by GEAR UP into pre-service graduate programs. Funding for this project is provided by the Improving Teacher Quality grant through the California Postsecondary Education Commission (CPEC).

The Public Information Campaign is designed to compel all students to meet high academic standards in order that they will have maximum choices, including pursuing a college education. The universal message of the campaign would communicate to students, families, educators, and the general public, expectations and aspirations about a college education as both attainable and affordable. California GEAR UP will work cooperatively with strategic partners to help develop, fund, and execute the public information effort. It is expected that partners will include educational institutions, businesses, education-focused foundations and other non-profit organizations.

Research and resource identification is underway with the campaign implementation set to begin in 2008-2009.

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