Secrets to Positive School Culture

2014 | | May 29, 2014 at 10:06 am

As part of our guest blogger series, our very own Whole School Services Coach Michele Molitor provided her recent experience interviewing Karen Webber-Ndour, Executive Director of the Office for Student Support and Safety for the Baltimore City Schools. No matter whom you’re dealing with, whether it’s from the boardroom to the classroom, it’s no different — active listening is an often over looked and vital skill. Ms. Webber-Ndour was able to consistently utilize the skills of listening, compassion and respect across the board to deliver amazing results felt by the students, staff and families.

Karen’s unwavering conviction and vision for the sake of the student’s well-being, safety and learning is what has enabled her and her team to transform entire schools. Her approach has given the students a voice that helps to shape their experience and their education through building stronger relationships, increasing healthy communication, placing an emphasis on accountability for their actions while creating respect for others.

Read and listen to the full interview

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