Principal and Leadership Team Institute, Berkeley – October 4, 2006

Winter 2007 | | January 21, 2007 at 6:21 pm

Anderson Middle School, Cascade Union Elementary School District

As a returning school to the California GEAR UP program, Anderson MS continues their work to develop a college-going culture. Several of their successful strategies include organizing an off campus staff retreat, using the services of the Parent Institute for Quality Education to connect with families, and motivating students by publicizing the GEAR UP Educational Trust Award scholarships.

Best Practice

When faced with dissension over the school focus and the strategies to implement change, the staff used facilitators to narrow the focus and come to common agreement.

Anderson Middle School Leadership Team of Lori Jarrett, Condé Kunzman, Terri Hinton, Principal Carol Koppes, Karin Cox, and Site Contact Eleanor Hysell note that challenges can be overcome by using many resources to achieve focus.

Longfellow Middle School, Berkeley Unified School District

Longfellow Middle School has continued their focus on parent outreach. The staff recognizes the importance of building trust and connections with families. Two effective strategies are hiring staff, especially bilingual office personnel, to meet the needs of the parents and focusing on building community.

Best Practices

Services of the Parent Institute for Quality Education (PIQE) continue to be funded by other school resources. Graduates of previous PIQE classes do outreach to new parents.

Staff development for teachers includes the examination of data and connecting that data to an action.

Longfellow Middle School Counselor Dwayne Byndloss shares his expertise on family outreach at the Berkeley Principal and Leadership Team Institute.

Delta Sierra Middle School, Lodi Unified School District

The students are collectively organized into four houses named for colleges or universities. Academically the students are teamed by course: English with Social Studies and Science with Mathematics. Students have a seven period day, attending PE and exploratory classes daily. The exploratory classes give students a nine-week exposure to elective classes in school to career exploration, today’s teens, performing arts and college prep/leadership.

Best Practices

Led by the principal, the School Leadership Team emphasizes “taking the point” like the geese formation where another person steps up to be the leader when one needs help.

(Left to right) Delta Sierra Middle School Principal Dr. Irene Outlaw and Vice Principal/Site Contact Vanessa Smith-Stucky display their school T-shirts used to motivate students and to develop the college-going spirit.

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