Notes From the GEAR UP Director Shelley Davis

Spring 2007 | | May 21, 2007 at 7:13 pm

Welcome Back To School! As the school year begins, we are pleased to share with you more GOOD NEWS from California GEAR UP! September 2007 marks the beginning of our final year of service to the 42 schools that started with us in January 2005. Through a variety of professional development and support services, we are working to close the achievement and opportunity gap for ALL students in the middle grades.

The School Self Assessment Rubric is one of the tools designed to facilitate the development of a college-going culture at the school site. The utility of this resource is shared by Pam Dunlap of Happy Valley Elementary in our feature article. Schools are also taking advantage of teacher preparation services from AVID and the College Board (See page 3).

In July, the National Council for Community and Education Partnerships (NCCEP) hosted the 7th Annual GEAR UP Conference in San Francisco. California GEAR UP participated as the host State in sharing best practices, and effective strategies with over 40 states represented at the conference. California GEAR UP was front and center, showcasing program resources, results and whole school accomplishments. Among the conference highlights was recognizing the student recipients of the GEAR UP College Entrance Exam Scholarships. Snapshots and stories from the day appear on Page 2.

In service to our schools, California GEAR UP developed the Continuing Sustainability Project (CSP) as an opportunity to continue – and deepen – their work to raise student achievement. With schools as Learning Communities, the program goal of capacity-building can be sustained over time and beyond the provision of GEAR UP services. On Page 3, School Leadership Teams are encouraged to consider applying for CSP. Also on this page, we share successes through the Family Initiatives Project and other school accomplishments.

As you know, GEAR UP resources have been designed with the entire school community in mind: districts, schools, families, educators and other community organizations. We monitor our services and resources through our website, surveys, site visits and at program activities and events. Our Resources and Materials Clearinghouse, Pocket Guide to California Colleges, Kids On Campus video and our newsletter are widely distributed and made available to the general public. Please visit our website to order these materials at

Our goal is to ensure that every GEAR UP school has the tools and resources needed to actualize our mission statement: “Academic Excellence and College Access for ALL Students.”

Keep the good news coming!

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