Making Good On Our Promise: “Once A Gear Up School, Always A Gear Up School”

Spring 2006 | | May 21, 2006 at 3:38 pm

During two separate days of training and dialogue, current CSP participants are involved in:

  • Highlighting “Best Practices”
  • Addressing issues of sustainability
  • Analyzing their past and present efforts in creating a college-going culture
  • Assessing their individual roles in the school system and organization Identifying existing and new resources
  • Reviewing resources in the GEAR UP Resources and Materials Clearinghouse
  • Upon request, arranging for facilitation at the school site

When surveyed, participants indicated the simplest college-going practices to implement include setting high expectations, AVID classes, Parent Institute workshops for parents, college visits, college and career fairs, and PSAT preparation and exam. The top two services requested by continuing schools are:

  • Technical Assistance for parent training and community involvement
  • Educational Trust Awards

In addition to the two workshops provided in the fall and winter of 2005-2006, CSP schools are able to access facilitation; participate in the Community Conferences; and attend AVID, College Board, and Counseling Institute sessions. Additionally, the 30 schools receive a limited number of Educational Trust Awards for middle school students.

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