GEAR UP Workshops Help Teachers Prepare Students

Spring 2007 | | May 21, 2007 at 7:06 pm

Northern California
Martin Luther King Middle School and Visitacion Valley Middle School of San Francisco Unified School District joined forces on August 24, 2007, for the AVID “Student Success Path” middle level workshop. The day’s activities kicked off at 8 a.m. with coffee and sweets hosted by Visitacion Valley Middle School. By using the AVID services provided by California GEAR UP, these two neighboring schools walked the talk of collaboration and studied and learned side-by-side.

Presenter Art Valeriano set the tone by reviewing norms that all staff are expected to follow and respect. Topics broached during the day included Time Management, Cornell Notetaking, Socratic Seminars, and Eleven Drills. The interactive exercises and group activities allowed teachers to share with others from all parts of the room. Issues and questions relating to English Learner (El) and underperforming students vis-à-vis Cornell Notetaking were addressed and discussed openly.

Southern California
Shadow Hills Intermediate School in Palmdale hosted the AVID “Student Success Path” workshop for all staff on August 30, 2007, as their kickoff for the 2007-2008 school year. From the various activities demonstrated by presenter Darlene Pope, Principal Suresh Bajnath and staff plan to use several that will help students to learn better.
Evaluation comments from both workshops by teachers on what they gained from the workshop and will use this year included:

  • Better Time Management
  • One minute discussion with a partner
  • Notetaking, especially for social studies and science; will experiment with Socratic Seminars
  • How important it is to be actively (literally) involved
  • Helping kids to understand how they learn so they know how to study
  • Philosophical Chairs & Socratic Seminars
  • Cornell Notes
  • Guide to writing questions
  • Learning Style Survey
  • Pro and Con Discussion
  • Goal Setting

Teachers appreciated being validated for what they are already doing in the classroom and receiving reinforcement of the October Institute strategies. Other schools can schedule this AVID workshop and/or College Board workshops during the 2007-2008 school year by contacting their Regional Coordinator for arrangements.

Photo #1 – Jonetta Spears, head counselor at Martin Luther King Jr. Middle School, and Don Mar, Regional Coordinator, at the San Francisco workshop

Photo #2 – Principal James Dierke of Visitacion Valley Middle School

Photo #3 – AVID presenter Art Valeriano

Photo #4 – AVID Presenter Darlene Pope and Principal Suresh Bajnath at Shadow Hills Intermediate School

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