Two GEAR UP Schools to Join the Partnership for LA Schools

Winter 2008 | | March 6, 2008 at 10:24 am

Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) officials announced in December that parents and teachers from five District schools have voted to join the Partnership for LA Schools, a non-profit organization for school reform sponsored by Mayor Antonio
Villaraigosa. Two Cohort A GEAR UP schools, Stevenson Middle School in Boyle Heights and Markham Middle School in Watts, are included. Along with Roosevelt High School, Hollenbeck Middle School, and Gompers Middle School, these schools will enter LAUSD’s Innovation Divisions (iDivision). Santee Education Complex staff will vote in January about whether to join the partnership.

Earlier this year, the LAUSD established the Innovation Division (iDivision) to provide school communities with a new opportunity
to accelerate learning through the principles of teacher, parent and student empowerment, partnership with strong community organizations, and accountability for improved academic achievement. Parents and teachers voted for schools to receive increased flexibility and exemption from District policies in exchange for greater accountability. iDivison schools will have more autonomy over funding, hiring, professional development, curriculum, and the procurement of school services. The District will sign a five-year contract with the Partnership of LA Schools to operate and manage the schools.

The LA Partnership brings its own expertise,
resources, and skills to the project and will bring together governmental agencies, philanthropic, community and faith-based organizations, unions and businesses to develop and implement needed reforms. This new reform organization is committed to improving student achievement through data-based decision-making. GEAR UP will continue to support these schools in this exciting venture.

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