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Winter 2009 | | April 19, 2009 at 12:24 pm

Tommy Lynn at  GU 014.jpg

Tommy Lam, Budget Analyst, and Lynn Baranco, Administrative Program Manager, offer resources at GEAR UP conferences and trainings.


GEAR UP facilitators south 001.jpg

GEAR UP facilitators help to develop the leadership skills of all members of the GEAR UP Leadership Team. Pictured are Jon Sides, Ann Carnes, Barbara Sedano, Mary Unverferth, Karla Lagunas, and Sheila Watson.


Facilitators  No Cal DSCN2189.JPG

GEAR UP facilitators provide assistance to schools in assessing their school culture, developing listening skills, and using various data in determining student progress. Pictured are Michele Molitor, Gina Rodriguez, Barbara Sedano, Cloteal Herron, and Mary Unverferth.

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