GEAR UP Leadership Teams: Key to Sustaining a college-going culture

Fall 2006 | | December 21, 2006 at 5:19 pm

The Continuing Schools Project (CSP) is entering its third year of implementation. Much has been learned from working with and listening to schools as they discuss how they are sustaining their GEAR UP efforts. What has become clear is that the GEAR UP Leadership Team is key to maintaining and nurturing a thriving college-going culture for students, families and staff.

The purpose of CSP is to assist schools in implementing long-term strategies to sustain a college-going culture. Implementing them requires thinking and planning together. What it takes are key leaders: parents, teachers, and community partners dedicated to this purpose.

This year, GEAR UP Facilitators will meet with each of the leadership teams of the 15 participating schools. The objective is to conduct long-range planning and establish some short-term and long-term goals. One example is making sure that team members are immediately replaced when members move on. Also it is important for the school to have parent and community participants because they provide continuity and serve as consistent links to information as well as being the “institutional memory” for new Leadership Team members.

In addition to Facilitation, GEAR UP will provide two separate days (fall and spring) of coaching and dialogue. The Sustainability Workshops are on November 14 and March 13 at the Burbank Hilton in Southern California. Workshops will:

  • Highlight Best Practices
  • Address issues of sustainability
  • Analyze past and present efforts in creating a college-going culture
  • Assess individual roles in the school system and organization
  • Identify existing and new resources
  • Review resources in the updated GU Resources and Materials Clearinghouse

School Based Services offered to Continuing Schools this Year

CSP schools will be able to access facilitation for Leadership Teams, and staff may participate in AVID “The Student Success Path” workshops and the Counseling Institute. Additionally, schools will receive a limited number of Educational Trust Awards for middle school students.

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