California GEAR UP Educational Trust Awardees Go to College

Summer 2006 | | September 21, 2006 at 4:56 pm

CONGRATULATIONS to the CLASS OF 2005! California GEAR UP announced in April 2006 that 83% of the 250 student recipients of the first GEAR UP Educational Trust Awards are attending college presently or plan to attend within the next year. These students were awarded Educational Trust awards of $2,000 each during the 1999-2000 school year at California GEAR UP middle schools. Their awards were deposited in a trust account, earning interest, until the students enrolled in college. Awards are accessed through the California Student Aid Commission.

The 250 students enrolled in postsecondary institutions as follows:

  • Community College – 33%
  • California State University – 21%
  • University of California – 18%
  • California Independent Colleges and Universities – 3%
  • Private institutions out-of-state – 4%
  • Public institutions out-of-state – 2%
  • No specific college identified – 1%

Note: 17% of the awardees indicated they have no college plans at this time.

The list of colleges and universities in which these students enrolled with the number from each middle school or Partnership is available on the GEAR UP website,

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