Building the Capacity of the Leadership Team to Move Forward

Summer 2009 | | November 19, 2009 at 1:12 pm

by Gina Rodriguez, Professional Development Manager

Leadership Team members in the Continuing Sustainability Project (CSP) are poised to go deeper as Facilitators in the sustainability of their college-going culture.  The theme for this year is “Building the Capacity of the Leadership Team to Move Forward.”  The school Leadership Team (LT), with the support of their GEAR UP Regional Coordinator and Facilitator, will connect and communicate the GEAR UP framework to the school community by using the revised School Self-Assessment Rubric (SSAR) not only as a self-assessment process to build a common background but also as a communication tool.   

The emphasis is building the capacity of the LT through:

  • Awareness of the change process. 
  • Skill development using GEAR UP and other relevant professional development that supports adult learning. 
  • Implementation that focuses on the adult learner making refinements to current practices.   
  • Institutionalization of school-wide processes and structures that are part of the school culture and are continually monitored and refined through discussion and collaboration. 

This is an exciting year as GEAR UP works with Leadership Teams to make sure that staff, families and community partners know, understand, internalize and sustain a thriving college-going culture that promotes college access and opportunity for ALL students. 

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