2015 California GEAR UP Executive Summary:

2015 | | May 12, 2015 at 11:58 am

HeartGUThe goal of California GEAR UP is:

To develop and sustain the organizational capacity of middle schools to prepare all students for high school and higher education through a systemic network of support for adults who influence middle school students, specifically their counselors, faculty, school leaders and families. This expanded capacity is expected to result in a higher proportion of students, particularly from backgrounds and communities that have not historically pursued a college education, enrolling and succeeding in higher education.

The ultimate outcome expected from this Program is that a higher proportion of students will be prepared to enroll and succeed in advanced courses in middle school and high school and enter and graduate with a degree from a higher educational institution.

This Program has three modes of services to support schools in reaching this goal:

  • direct service to a cohort of students through the Bridge for Students Model;
  • services to a cohort of middle schools through the Whole School Model; and,
  • services to all California middle schools through the Educational System Transformation Model.

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—>Also, don’t forget to turn in your California Partnership Initiative Surveys! We are excited to share the enthusiasm for this initiative with next steps that include collaboration in San Francisco for the national conference, individualized support meetings with new grantees, and additional tools and resources. <—

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