2005 GEAR UP Partnership Awards in California

Spring 2006 | | May 21, 2006 at 3:27 pm

Local GEAR UP projects throughout California present a unique opportunity to develop a model of collaboration between the partnerships and state grant. These projects use a cohort approach, identifying students beginning no later than 7th grade and working with them through completion of high school. Services are provided in collaboration with area colleges and community based-organizations and include tutoring, mentoring, academic and college counseling, family programs and other activities to bolster student achievement.

In the 2005 Fiscal Year, partnership participants included eight University of California campuses; 15 California State University campuses; 20 community colleges, and four independent colleges. The first cohort of students graduated from high school in June, 2005, and relevant indicators are that partnerships are on track to meet project goals. Every partnership middle school was a participant in the California GEAR UP Program at one time. We have taken this journey together and look forward to continued collaboration with the 2005 Partnership Projects.

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